Form Factor: PMC/XMC
Category: Avionics Data Bus
Supplier: NewWaveDV

The V1144 is specifically built for 1394b AS5643 high-density test and development interface applications. The V1144 utilizes only one FPGA chip for the 1394b PHY, Link Layer, and AS5643 offload implementation. Unlike three or four chip predecessor implementations. This allows for higher port density while reducing the size, weight, and power of the interface. This on-board FPGA provides bus control, diagnostics information, interface choices, and customization options not previously available. The V1144 offers a twelve front-panel transformer-coupled 1394b ports, with a host interface available as Gen2 PCIe or 64-bit PCI. The V1144 can be configured in various node-to-port configurations to condense test and development environments and provides solutions not previously possible.

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