Form Factor: System
Category: NTDS/ATDS
Supplier: IXI
Application(s): 艦船搭載向け


Integrators, engineers and project managers working with the military are cognizant of the need to translate the wealth of tactical information acquired by aging technology into useful and timely data for today’s military operations. New advances in the computing environment provide for increasingly efficient and faster information processing. The IXI Technology Data I/O Converter enables you to take advantage of these efficiencies by translating data from legacy military systems into industry-standard protocols that work with contemporary technology.

The Data I/O Converter links weapons, radar and other systems to Windows or UNIX/Linux based computers over Ethernet. It allows for the freedom and flexibility of transferring data to systems that are not directly connected to the military I/O channels. The Converter provides real-time, highly-reliable communications and control that military systems demand, without the bulky, costly, cable connections associated with these systems.

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