Form Factor: Mini PCIe
Category: Avionics Data Bus
Supplier: Alta Data Technologies (ADT)
Application(s): 航空機搭載向け

​・チャンネル数: 1~2チャンネル
​・Mini-PCI Express – PCI Express 1.1
・Full-Mini PCI Express Type F2 Card
・One Megabyte RAM per Channel
・4.22 +/- 0.38mm Height on Primary Side. This is approx. 1.8mm taller than Spec.
・Common Data Packets (CDPs) for all BC, RT and Monitor Functions – Industry First
・MIL-STD-1553B Notice II & IV
・1553A and Link-16
・Power Estimate at Full Bandwidth 2W
・Parts Temp (C) : -55 to +120 Storage, 0 to +70 Commercial, -40 to + 85 Extended
・One RS-485 Discrete/Clk/Trg.
・One Single Ended Trigger
・Loop-Back & User BIT, Dual Temp Sensors
・IRIG-B RX PAM and TX/RX PPS Time Sync
・IPC Class 3 and ISO 9001:2015 Processes

データシート: MPCIE2-1553.pdf
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