Form Factor: System
Category: テレメトリー
Supplier: Lumistar

  • RF Upconversion Frequencies (MHz): 215-320, 400-1150, 1435-1535, 1710-1850, 2200-2395, 2185-2485, 4400-4950, 5091-5150, 5091-5250, Custom
  • Number of Upconversion Bands: Up to 5 plus IF pass-thru
  • RF Tuning Step: 50 kHz steps (typical); as small as 10Hz is possible upon request
  • Maximum IF Input Signal without damage: +30 dBm
  • IF Input Frequency: 70MHz typical, Variable from 1MHz to 500MHz; consult factory for details
  • RF Output P1dB: Variable; +20 dBm to -96dBm; Each channel separately controllable
  • Output Fading: Sofware controlled; 20kHz adjust rate (50usec step dwell time); 14-bit resolution
  • VSWR: 1.5:1 typical or better
  • Frequency Accuracy: 0.002 ppm (internal)
  •  Input/Output Impedance: 50 ohms
  • IF Inputs: Two inputs; SW selectable; linear and limited gain controls
  • User Inputs/Outputs: Total of 12 IO available (future definitions)
  • DC Input Power (calculated): 9-42VDC; 26W (est.)
データシート: LS-76-M2.pdf
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