Form Factor: System
Category: テレメトリー
Supplier: Lumistar

Lumistar LS-68-M Series Multi-Stream Modular Telemetry Processing, Simulation and Recording System
LS-68 Series Products

  • Bit Synchronization
  • Frame Synchronization
  • Decommutation
  • Real Time Telemetry Display
  • Bit Error Rate Readers
  • Data Recording & Playback
  • Telemetry over IP (TMoIP)
  • PCM Data Simulation
  • IRIG Time Code Reader / Generator
  • PTP Network Time
  • RF Transmitter Option
  • Small Size / Weight / Power

A Complete Baseband Telemetry Processing Ground Station, available in a Small Modular, a Portable “Lunchbox” and a 1U Rack Mounted Configurations!

データシート: LS-68-M.pdf
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