Form Factor: System
Category: テレメトリー
Supplier: Lumistar
Application(s): 地上設備

The LS-11-F portable FM test transmitter is designed for checkout and troubleshooting of telemetry receiving systems operating with FM modulation. For applications with any of the ARTM modulations (Tier 0, Tier I, or Tier II), please refer to the LS-11-M Data Sheet. Complete ground stations including the antenna with LNA, RF down-converter, IF receiver, bit synchronizer, and PCM decommutator can be tested and bit error tests performed. The design allows secure links to be tested with an external encryptor. The Test Transmitter contains an internal PCM Simulator with Pseudorandom generator that operates in a BERT mode when used with the Lumistar LS-50 Decom or LS-24- RTR Range Telemetry Receiver allowing bit error numbers to be displayed through software. Full flexibility allows the use of the simulator only (without transmitter) or transmitter only with an external source modulating the transmitter. Complete setup can be achieved locally through the keypad and display or remotely through the RS-232 Interface.