Form Factor: PCIe
Category: Avionics Data Bus
Supplier: NewWaveDV

The FW-3x-PCIe-400T is a triple (3 independent nodes) Mil1394 OHCI host adapter with a 4 lane PCIe host interface. The FW-3x-PCIe-400T integrates three IEEE-1394 nodes (channels) on to a single 4-lane PCIe host adapter card. Each of the available nine ports are isolated using AS5643/1 defined active transformers that provide guaranteed minimum signal amplitude. The FW-3x-PCIe-400T provides Flight Control, Vehicle Management Systems, Mission Systems or Avionics simulation and test applications with a highly integrated solution. Operating at data rates of up to 500Mb/s per channel the triple OHCI solution was designed for high throughput applications.

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