ARINC 429 and 1553 Data Bus Analyzer

Form Factor:
Category: Avionics Data Bus
Supplier: Alta Data Technologies (ADT)

​・Intuitive Window's Analyzer for 1553, ARINC and WMUX
・Seamless Multi Protocol (1553 and ARINC) Support. Only Analyzer with Hardware Signal Viewing!
・XML Setup Files with Schema - Easily Import and Change ICD Setup & EU Data Information
・Comprehensive View of Bus Activity, Error Detection and Traffic/Loading Statistics. Full Data Archiving to Hard Disk with Filter and ASCII Conversion Utilities
・Full Monitor, BC, RT, RX/TX ARINC and Playback Operations
・Error Injection/Detection Capability


How to Open a Device

MIL STD 1553 File Viewer

Starting the 1553 Bus Monitor

Analyzing Spurious Data

Using Signal Viewer's Test Signal Feature

データシート: Alta View.pdf
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