Form Factor: 3U cPCI
Category: シンクロ / レゾルバ
Supplier: North Atlantic Industries (NAI)

Each module 75G5 supports 3 modules

Each Module

No. of Channels: 4 Channels
Frequency Range: SD1/SD5: 47 Hz - 1 kHz, SD2: 1 kHz-5 kHz, SD3: 5 kHz-10 kHz, SD4: 10 kHz-20 kHz
Resolution: 24-bit
Accuracy (±): ±1 arc-minute for single-speed inputs; ±1 arc-minute divided by the gear ratio for two-speed inputs

No. of Channels: Multi-Channel
Frequency Range: Model dependent
Resolution: 16-bits (.0055°)
Accuracy (±): ±1 arc-minute (.017°) for 2, 3-channel; ±3.5 arc-minutes for single-channel (no load to full load)

Additional Information

データシート: 75G5_DS C4.pdf
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