VPX 6U Development Chassis

Form Factor: 6U VPX
Category: Chassis
Supplier: Pixus Technologies
Application(s): 地上設備

The VPXD0800 is an open frame chassis, ideal for testing and development of VPX systems. Pixus Technologies has various VPX backplanes sizes/configurations available. Rear Transition Module (RTM) slots can also be plugged into the open frame enclosure.


  • Open Frame Development Chassis
  • Up to eight 6U OpenVPX slots at 1.0” pitch or 10 slots at 0.8" pitch
  • Card guides can be adjusted in .2” increments to accept various slot pitches
  • Optional conduction-cooled module card guides
  • Up to 120 CFM fan cools front slots and RTMs
  • PSU options up to 900W
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Low cost design 
データシート: VPX-Open-Frame-Chassis.pdf
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