Open VPX Chassis Manager

Form Factor:
Category: Chassis
Supplier: Pixus Technologies


  • Designed for OpenVPX systems, using Pixus or PigeonPoint ShMM/ChMM controllers
  • Compliant to VITA 46.11 for VPX System Management
  • IPMI 2.0 compliant
  • I2C based real-time clock with battery backup
  • Temperature monitoring of at least 6 temp sensors 
  • Fan monitoring of at least 10 fans Fan PWM/Tach control, 16 digital inputs and outputs
  • Voltage monitoring of at least 6 voltages
  • Sensor event log and data records
  • USB, RS-232, and Ethernet interface options
  • Rich suite of interface options including: telnet, SNMP, RMCP, CLI, etc.
  • Low power consumption


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