Half Rack Small Lightweight UPS

Form Factor: 1U
Category: 堅牢型UPS
Supplier: AJ’s Power Source
Application(s): 航空機搭載向け, 艦船搭載向け, 地上設備

PowergridM Half Rack UPS
The PowergridM Half Rack Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Design Provides A Robust Set Of Power Management Capabilities To High Mobility Portable Applications.
The PowergridM Half Rack Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) are designed to meet the emerging requirements for small, highly portable application based systems that require significant reductions in Size, Weight, and Power (SWAP) to enhance their portability.

These unique power systems provide both AC and DC full double conversion power services for a variety of cutting edge Half Rack computing and communications components and are designed for high portability and enhanced reliability.

These Half Rack UPS systems represent the smallest and lightest tactical UPS power systems available within the market today and represent the latest in power technology advancements.

Half Rack UPS, Military Half Rack UPS, Ruggedized Half Rack UPS, Tactical Half Rack UPS
Originally developed for US Navy, these Half Rack UPS systems are designed to be employed in a wide variety of operational environments under the most demanding environmental conditions. Designed in a 2U 400w AC Output version and a 1U 500w 28Vdc Output version, the PowergridM Half Rack UPS systems are small foot print, light weight, fully ruggedized full double conversion power systems designed for Half Rack mounting for extreme portability.

The PowergridM Half Rack Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS small form factor design provides unique managed AC and DC power services for highly portable half rack systems solutions for today’s demanding deployment environments.

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