Core Systems

TPT KK can provide System Integration in Japan with Core Systems Products. 

Core Systems designs and manufactures best-in-class military and aerospace computing systems based on our customer’s specifications. Our commitment to provide the best service throughout the design and engineering process is what sets us apart from the rest. For years we have been the go-to name in rugged computing and displays.

M114Short depth server built for applications with a sub 14″ depth requirement.堅牢型サーバー1U
RPS211RPS211D is a rugged MIL-Spec 16-Core, 11.6 inch displayRugged Laptops/Computers
MPM701 Rugged 7″ widescreen LCD with a full on screen display (OSD)堅牢型ディスプレイ
M120Intel® CPU architecture options from Intel embedded long-life roadmap堅牢型サーバー1U
RPS217Rugged MIL-Spec 16-Core portable server with 17.3 inch displayRugged Laptops/Computers
MPM1201Rugged 12″ widescreen LCD with a full on screen display堅牢型ディスプレイ
M120S4Short depth 1U server built for applications with a max 20” depth requirement.堅牢型サーバー1U
MPN17Rugged 17″ panel mount LCD with a full on screen display堅牢型ディスプレイ
RPS517 Rugged portable server with triple 17.3″ HD LCD displays堅牢型サーバー
MPN19Rugged 19 inch LCD Display堅牢型ディスプレイ
RPC417 Rugged portable computer with a 17 Inch LCDRugged Laptops/Computers
M2132U server made for applications with a maximum 13” depth requirement.堅牢型サーバー2U
M1U2201Rugged portable server in a 1U 22″ depth all-in-one integrated computer堅牢型ディスプレイ1U
G21919” rackmount LCD & Keyboard in a 1U form factor堅牢型ディスプレイ1U
M220 Includes the latest single-stack NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU Card堅牢型サーバー2U
MLD2Rugged 2U Rackmount LCD with side-by-side dual 19″ LED Displays堅牢型ディスプレイ2U
M220SShort depth 2U server with dual Xeon v4 CPU’s堅牢型サーバー2U
M316SIntel Quad and Hexa-Core CPUs, six full-height PCIe slot堅牢型サーバー3U
MLD3Triple 19” rackmount LCD in a short 3U form factor堅牢型ディスプレイ3U