Industry Leading 3U VPX Intelligent I/O / Highest Packaging Density

TPT offers a variety of 3U VPX-based COTS and modified COTS multi-function I/O boards designed for rugged defense, industrial, and commercial environments. Built on our unique, mix-and-match Custom-On-Standard Architecture™ (COSA™), our designs offer unusually high-function density, high resolution and accuracy, and low power consumption.

Customized Configurations - Versatile Architecture

NAI's multi-function 3U VPX boards have the highest packaging density and most flexibility of any multi-function I/O board in the industry. You can simply and easily choose from a comprehensive list of more than 40 intelligent I/O, communications, simulation and measurement, and Ethernet switch functions that can be configured to your application-specific requirements. We also have 3U VPX SBC's, Avionics Databus and Graphics cards that will meet Flight Certification and a 3U VPX ATR chassis. 


VPX6600 6th Generation Skylake Intel® Xeon® processorシングルボードコンピューター (SBC)
68G53U OpenVPX, Dual Core ARM® Cortex® A9 @ 800 MHz, 3 Function Module Slotsシンクロ / レゾルバ  (ボードタイプ)
VGP-2870High-performance embedded GPU boardビデオ&グラフィックボード
VCP-2864Frame Grabber Boardビデオ&グラフィックボード
68ARM1Up to 3 Functionsシングルボードコンピューター (SBC)
CIOV-2231Intel i7シングルボードコンピューター (SBC)
RIOV-2473Power PCシングルボードコンピューター (SBC)
RIOV-2478QorIQ™ P3/P4 processor シングルボードコンピューター (SBC)
VPX55 DC/DC 28 V 400 Watts堅牢型電源
VPX55HDC/DC 500 Watts堅牢型電源
VPX57 DC/DC 270 V堅牢型電源