19 inch 3U Rackmount Rugged Chassis

Form Factor: 3U VPX
Category: Chassis
Supplier: Pixus Technologies
Application(s): 航空機搭載向け, 艦船搭載向け, 地上設備


  • 2U-6U height rugged chassis platforms for 3U OpenVPX boards
  • Designed for use in MIL-810 and MIL-901D systems for shock/vibration
  • Designed to meet MIL-461 for EMI
  • Humidity levels of 0% and 95% non-condensing, conformal coating options
  • Ruggedized PSUs to MIL specs with VITA 62 options
  • Versions with RTM access are optional
  • Options with up to 50 ms hold-up time
  • 3U OpenVPX or other/custom backplanes
  • MIL-grade fans and cabling
  • Front-to-rear cooling standard with other cooling options available
  • Temperature ranges of –20C to +70C (industrial rugged) up to –40C to +85C (MIL rugged) 


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