1/2 ATR Chassis

Form Factor: 3U VPX
Category: Chassis
Supplier: Pixus Technologies


  • Modular Rugged MIL 1/2 ATR enclosure for 3U OpenVPX
  • Customizable enclosure based upon proven modular components & techniques
  • Front or rear loaded
  • Short or Long depths and Short or Tall heights
  • 3U backplanes up to 5 slots of OpenVPX or other architectures, SOSA options
  • Facilitates VITA 66 (optical) and/or VITA 67 (RF) cabling
  • Optional pluggable PSU/VITA 62 slot  PSU options to 600W
  • 12V, 5V, and 3.3V power outputs standard
  • Optional custom front panel options with filtering, MIL 38999 connectors, etc. 
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